OSSSC Statistical Field Surveyor Computer Basic Skill Answer Key 2017

The Odisha Sub-Ordinate Staff Selection Commission (OSSSC) has conducted OSSSC Statistical Field Surveyor entrance exam in 26th February, 2017 large number of exam centers are there across state. Such applicants can check their Computer answer key here now. Get the Answers Keys Below for OSSSC SFS 2017.

Statistical Field Surveyor Computer Basic Skill Question and Answer Key 2017

  1. Q – By default the cell content alignment is
    Ans – Text left aligned and numbers right.
  2. Q- From which tool bar we can change chart type?
    Ans – ChartTool Bar
  3. Q- getting data from a cell located in a different sheet in the same workbook is called
    Ans- Referencing
  4. Q- Which of the following keyboard shortcut can be used for creating chart from select cells?
    Ans – F11
  5. Q- Which function is used to calculate the total character in a cell?
    Ans – Len
  6. Q- Any change in Excel worksheet data can be shared with word document by
    Ans- Linking copied Excel data can shared with Word document.
  7. Q- A bootstrap is a –
    Ans – Small industrialization program to start up a computer.
  8. Q- Example of non-numeric data is
    Ans Employee address
  9. Q- The —– key will lunch the Start button.
    Ans – Windows
  10. Q-In a laser printer, the —- transfer the image to the paper.
    Ans – Drum
  11. Q- Data that is copied from an application is stored in the—
    Ans – Clipboard
  12. Q- Which of the following programs compresses large file into a smaller file?
    Ans – Winzip
  13. Q- Recently Deleted files are stored in
    Ans – Recycle Bin
  14. Q- Using Microsoft Word’s Find and Replace feature you can
    Ans. replace both text and formatting
  15. Q- Press which key to select different portions of any text by dragging the mouse
    Ans – Ctrl
  16. Q- A major Step before Print of the document is-
    Ans – To set paper setting and to see print view of document
  17. Q – words count features
    Ans. All option(A, B and C)
  18. Q- it is a mark, normally round or a square dot, it is called.
    Ans – Bullet
  19. Q- Press which key to select different portions of any text by dragging the mouse
    Ans – Ctrl + H
  20. Q- what is the shortcut key for subscript the selected text
    Ans- Ctrl + =
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